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by Cracked Up

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released April 1, 2016




Cracked Up Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Started in 2013, Cracked Up put together a quartet of ladies
who, coming from different backgrounds, were equally pissed off at some things, and eager to lay them down in a bunch of
songs for you to enjoy.
Line up changed since, but the spirit remains.

We're still Amsterdam-based, punk-rooted, loud, opinionated and,
fundamentally... cracked up!
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Track Name: 01 Let's Go
Let's go!

Cracked up four
Hit the floor
Let's go
Everyone around is ready to go

Turn it on
All shit is gone
Let's go
We're gonna give a damned good punk rock show

Thirsty lot
Have just one more shot
Let's go
Every single one is ready to go

Burning inside you

Let's go
Let's go...
Let's go
Track Name: 02 Holloway
Ruth was a night club dancer
She got abused by top punters,
raped, beaten up
Ruth fell in love

On her way
On her way
On her way
To Holloway

He got her trashed up every day
She made a plan to let him pay
Couldn't handle anymore
Waited for him out the door

On her way
On her way
On her way
To Holloway

She shot him down as her last straw
No one thought of common law
State at play
State at plat

Ended up at the end of a rope
Is there any fucking hope?
Easy prey
We're easy prey!

No Ruth Ellis anymore
No Ruth Ellis anymore
No more judgement passed as law
No death penalty anymore!
No death penatly anymore!
Track Name: 03 Zip It
It's not everyone I like
Some are really not my type
And for those who don't like me
I'm not one for hugging trees

Like some
Love some
Loathe some

To say
To you I've got nothing to say
Won't give you the time of day

May I just be left alone?
Fucking happy on my own
I may not have so much to do
But I ain't gonna waste my time on you!

To say
To you I've got nothing to say
Won't give you the time of day

To say
To you I've got nothing to say
You lost your right to play
Track Name: 04 Cracked Up
Funny feeling in my head
This will surely drive me mad
Forgot about last night
Was I good or in a fight?
Lucky today isn't real
Give me a chance
No fucking deal

Watch out
she's loud
she don't care
No pricks allowed

Angry about each little shit
This is going to be a damned fit
There's motherfucking flames
from my head on through my veins
Pissed off with the human race
Put the bastards in their place!

Watch out
She's loud
She don't care
No cunts allowed

Weird intruders in my brain,
This is driving me insane
Is this what I've come to be?
Is it her or is it me?
Need to stop before next morning comes
Need to move on

Watch out
She's loud
she don't care

She's cracked up somewhere!